International Student Support


Welcome! – We have divided this page into two sections – Still Overseas and Just Arrived in Australia.

Still Overseas

1) Work Visa – you will need one of these to work in Australia. Fortunately there are many options available. This section covers all the most common types. From the Working Holiday Visa to Professional Visas requiring sponsorship.

2) Jobs Guides – Learn about the jobs available for Backpackers and Professionals. Where are they? What training or education is required? How much do you get paid?

Note to Backpackers – Most jobs in Australia for backpackers are filled relatively quickly. Its good to know what types of jobs are available where they are so you can start thinking about which parts of Australia you would like to visit. Just click on the type of job you might want on the left hand side. Alternately all our jobs guides are listed here. Basically they are designed to help with all the important things.

Also start to prepare your CV but hold off on applying until you actually arrive. If you want assistance getting a job, there are a few companies that specialise in assisting backpackers in finding work.

Note to Professionals – For most professions like Allied Health, Nursing, Education and Engineering it can be an advantage to apply to jobs through recruitment agencies or directly register with recruitment agencies before you arrive. Recruitment agencies can be a big help in finding suitable employment.

3) Get any mandatory training that you might require in Australia

Hospitality – needs RSA training and RSG training in most states

4) Join us on facebook and start planning your goodbye parties – you are going to Australia!

Want assistance finding a job? There are companies that cater to backpackers. Companies like TCP who have a paid jobs club. There are others but TCP is the one we recommend.